St Philips Christian College - Cessnock Stages 1, 1a and 2

North's involvement with St Philip's Christian College continued following completion of our first project at their Gosford campus, to the construction of an entirely new site for their Cessnock Campus. Stage 1, 1a, & 2 comprised the development of a greenfield site on approximately 100 acres at Nulkaba on the northern fringes of Cessnock. The stages comprised as follows: Stage 1 valued at $1.95M won at competitive fixed lump sum tender (filling of the flood prone site to approximately 1.8m above existing natural ground level, which was required prior to commencement of the building works).

Stage 1a valued at $6.25M won at competitive fixed lump sum tender (new Information Resource Centre, acting as a Hub of the new school site. Also included the addition of one bank of refurbished portable buildings to allow continued growth of the school community this work was completed on a negotiated/construction management basis).

Stage 2 valued at $2.08M (comprised the design development and construction of a new Trade Training Centre on the southern boundary of the campus fill pad North was involved in the design development process for the stage with the construction works being completed on a negotiated fixed lump sum contract).

The second half of the 2014 will see the commencement of Stage 3 works on the site to develop the Junior School. These works are being completed on a construction management basis, with North having provided substantial value engineering and cost planning services during the design phase.


Combined Value $11,000,000


Various Staged works


St Philips Christian College


Ian Eastern Architects / Stephen Rose Architects