As a company, North is committed not only to our employees, clients and subcontractors, but also to the local community and environment around us. The aim is to use our own resources and the commitment of our team  to develop partnerships with local communities that will bring long-term benefits and opportunities to those communities.

This approach is supported by a dividend policy that directs a portion of company profits each year to fund these initiatives including our aid and leadership program.

Whilst some of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives have been simple aid or philanthropic pursuits, we prefer to commit to areas where the benefits can be amplified to achieve longer term sustainability. Partnering with select organisations is a strategy we often use to create value for both the business and society simultaneously. Partnering in this fashion focuses on key areas of impact between the business and society or community and develops creative solutions that draw on the complementary capabilities of both to address major challenges that affect each partner and their community. Examples of this approach can be seen in many of our initiatives below:

The North Challenge

Immersion Programs

Women in construction

VET Ambassador

P-TECH Central Coast

Coast Shelter

Charitable Aid

Papua New Guinea

“North Construction is such a valued stakeholder for us and the VET sector more broadly.  A heart felt thank you to you and your team for always being there for us - to genuinely promote career pathways in construction.”

Quote from Amber Biddy – Regional Manager Training Service NSW – Central Coast & Hunter

“Thank you to those that have been supportive of our College throughout the year and we are very grateful to you and all of the people at North who have taken the time this year to make a difference in our student's lives. Thank you again for your investment in our female students as they explore a career in Construction. They have found the sessions enormously valuable.”

Quote from Shana Kuziow – Leader of Community {Partnerships & Pathways St Brigid’s Catholic College

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