Early Contractor Involvement

North’s early contractor involvement (ECI) process is based on mutual trust between ourselves and clients. We approach this as a partnership
where we fully disclose all preliminaries, subcontractor prices, our overheads and our margins. All completely open book.

As with everything at North, it’s all about trust for us.

Our highly skilled ECI team works collaboratively across your project group providing guidance, cost saving recommendations, design
alternatives and buildability resolutions as needed. We pride ourselves on being your trusted advisor from the very beginning.

Early Contractor Involvement

Design and Construction

Design and Construction

The design and construction delivery method at North is tried and true. Our fully integrated team will develop and deliver an optimum plan
with the most cost effective, sustainable and energy efficient design options to meet your needs.

Our model allows you to deal with one entity throughout the life of the project from inception to delivery. By trusting our ability to
integrate both our design expertise and building prowess you can be reassured of knowing project costs and timeframes at an early stage.

We’re proud to be the one entity that carries a project from concept to completion and work hard to exceed expectations.

Value Engineering and Innovation

During the tendering and open-book pricing process, North will compile a list of possible saving options.

These savings are highlighted and prepared for appropriate discussion with key stakeholders. Our proposed options are subject to a full
analysis, detailing cost saving, life cycle and maintenance obligations before being finalised.

This process has delivered significant savings, and in many cases, made the difference between projects proceeding or having to go back to
an expensive redesign and approval process.

Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction management offered by North is an open and transparent approach to contracting, providing our clients with flexibility of
design management and strict budget control.

As with all areas of our business, we strive to build trust with you through our practices. As such, we provide construction management on a
fixed fee basis, removing any incentive to increase scope. We also offer a zero margin on variations as indicated in our 5 PromisesTM
– this is part of our standard approach to business.

The transparency we promote and model is upheld by a strong company culture which sees remarkable consistency across all of our projects.

Cost Planning

Cost planning services offered by North allows the client to obtain an accurate analysis that is in line with their objectives and budget

During this process, we apply realtime subcontractor and supplier rates as well as buildability advice and recommendations from our own
project and site managers.

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