Avoca Zone Substation – 11kV switch room – Ausgrid

Client: Energy Australia

VAlue: $2,100,000

Architect: Architects Johannsen & Associates

Project Details

This industrial project consisted of the construction of the new 11kV switch room was adjacent to the existing Avoca Zone power substation. Works included a new cable marshalling area below ground level with the switch and control rooms above at ground level. Conduits were installed between the existing “live” electricity substation and the new building with conduit feeder line left 3m outside the building footprint for future connection.

Due to the location of the project adjacent to Avoca Creek, not only were there strict environmental controls but the water table meant that we were constantly dealing with an ingress of ground water. Driven piles were specified, however the unsuitable sub grade meant that we needed to install a concrete piling platform so that the piling rig could operate.

The Avoca Zone power switch room project was completed under a Lump Sum AS2125 contract.


28 weeks

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