Spotlight and Anaconda Refurbishment Newcastle

Client: Spotlight Pty Ltd

VAlue: $800,000

Architect: Spotlight Pty Ltd

Project Details

The Project involved the refurbishment of the existing Spotlight store and the conversion of one floor to the new Anaconda store in Newcastle. Refurbishment works included demolition of existing load bearing structural elements in order to open up the store, reconstruction of stairs and ramps to meet accessibility requirements as well as aesthetically refurbishing the store. The key challenge to the project was that the work had to be completed whilst the store continued to be operational. Our close relationship with both the store managers and the Spotlight (projects) Managers enabled us to stage the works in order to cause minimum disruption to the store employees and customers whilst still delivering the project. The project was delivered under a fixed price construction contract and was delivered on time an budget including all the challenges faced whilst refurbishing an old building and project of this nature.

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