Zinfra Gosford South Substation

Client: NSW Government

VAlue: $2,200,000

Architect: Caldis Cook Group

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Project Details

The Gosford South Substation and Wyoming Sectioning Hut works comprised the construction of a new substation at Gosford South and a Sectioning Hut at Wyoming to replace the existing Gosford Substation.

The new substation consists a two-(2) x 5MW rectifier 66kV substation with at least seven-(7) DCCBs. This provided support to the 1500V traction power supply in the area, so that it can sustain the additional air-conditioned train loadings. The substation also included a new 66/11kV transformer supply. In accordance with RailCorp Power Study 5 (ER0153), the new two-(2) x 5MW rectifier substations were built feeding the existing air gaps at N80+172 and the new sectioning hut is located at the site of the existing Gosford Substation.

The new sectioning hut was built within the rail corridor close to existing Gosford Substation. The new substation and sectioning hut was designed, constructed and commissioned in close proximity to the existing live operating rail system and fully integrated with new system interfaces to existing electrical, telecommunications and civil infrastructure and installations.

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