Nicole Redmond

Director – People, Culture and Corporate Services

Nicole has over 25 years senior management experience specialising in operations, human resources, marketing, finance, property and development, logistics and safety. Not only does she have extensive experience in cost management, and systems and processes, but she also has a proven track record in leading successful teams in achieving corporate goals and objectives.

Nicole demonstrates strong people leadership skills combined with excellent communication and relationship building qualities. Her sound business acumen and pro-active approach to decision-making and problem solving enables her to deliver results with a focus on individual coaching and mentoring.

As a North Director, Nicole is able to convey strategic advice and profitable business outcomes relevant to people and their performance across the organisation. She is passionate about people, their growth both personally and professionally and has a willingness and desire to be a positive role model within the industry and the community.

Nicole was awarded The Women in Building Recognition Award in 2017 at the Newcastle MBA Excellence in Building awards.

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