North Construction & Building kicking goals for the Central Coast

North Construction & Building has a long history of investing in local young people through work placements, trade apprenticeships and cadetships. With the company’s 2019 Apprenticeship Program kicking off last week, North’s dedication to staff development continues to be unwavering.

‘We have an incredible team that are dedicated to training, culture and values,’ stated Matthew Cook, North Managing Director. ‘This commitment contributes not only to staff development and ensures a highly-qualified pool of future North employees, but it also strengthens the overall construction industry. Our workplace learning programs continue to differentiate us from others in the industry.’

North’s apprentice program is structured around the carpentry trade and teaches professionalism and leadership skills from the first day. Participants have been drawn from across the region through direct promotion to various community and education institutions. A new initiative to connect with athletic clubs has opened up the program to a new pool of possible candidates.

Central Coast United reached out to North about having some of their players apply for and participate in the apprenticeship program. Supported by the Central Coast Football Association, the soccer club has a player development program that focuses on preparing local Central Coast players not only for playing professional soccer but also for life and work outside of sport.

‘It’s no longer just about soccer for us and the team,’ says Matthew Crowell, Central Coast United General Manager. ‘We want to create opportunities for our players to expand their horizons and help expose them to the many different channels of success for their future. Its partners like North Construction that help our kids develop lifelong careers while still being able to play soccer.’

Noah Ajala, a young up-and-coming Central Coast United soccer player, applied and interviewed for North’s Apprenticeship Program last year and was successfully admitted into the 2019 program. As he enters his second week of the program, in conjunction with his contract with the Central Coast United, Noah is working hard to both improve his soccer skills and, at the same time, build his capabilities for a career in the construction industry.

‘While I love playing soccer, I understand the realities of the sport,’ states Noah Ajala. ‘It’s important for me to expand my knowledge, experience and skills in other areas to make sure I have career options in the future. I’m excited to be starting my apprenticeship with North and look forward to getting on site!’

Together, North Construction and Central Coast United are working hard to ensure success for Noah – whether that be in soccer or in the construction industry. It’s local partnership such as these that provide opportunities for young people and ensure well-rounded experienced and professional citizens enter the work force.

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