Gosford Regional Library

Client: Central Coast Council

VAlue: $29,600,000

Architect: Lahznimmo Architects

Photo Gallery

Project Details

Under construction.

The building will act as the central library for the Central Coast, providing:

  • A ‘third space’ for our community
  • A library collection curated for our community
  • Spaces for programs, meetings and events to be held which promote literacy, learning, creativity and knowledge
  • Access to the digital world, allowing access to new and existing technologies
  • Creative spaces that foster connected communities
  • A destination for those interested in our local history
  • A collaborative and inspirational environment, designed to attract a community of like-minded, makers, creators and innovative thinkers and connection for people to technical and professional resources
  • A facility for Central Coast commuters to work closer to home
  • Accessible Council customer service points
  • Flexible spaces for events and activities
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