Hamlyn Terrace Special Needs Health Facility

Client: NSW Dept of Commerce

VAlue: $23,700,000

Architect: Resitech c/o NSW Dept of Commerce

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Project Details

As an innovative special needs facility for the mentally and physically disabled, Hamlyn Terrace is the prototype for new health facilities to be provided by the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care. The design, development and construction of this project involved extensive civil works as well as a design consisting of 10 x 10 bedroom homes plus an administration building. The design required that each 10 bedroom home be viewed individually with different internal and external selections, as well as extensive variations throughout.

The project was on a design development and construct basis and incorporated adherence to Section J of the BCA with regard to installing energy efficient resources and construction techniques, including low energy windows and air conditioning.

Extensive wet weather was one of the obstacles this job encountered, however with a co-ordinated project team approach from North, all problems were able to be solved quickly and communicated with the client.

Another unique aspect of the project was the requirement for Aboriginal participation on the site. The North team, in conjunction with the local Aboriginal Land Council, successfully implemented this programme and co-ordinated significant new Indigenous labour for the project.

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