Merewether Surf House

Client: Sailors Rock Pty Ltd

VAlue: $5,300,000

Architect: Crone Partners

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Project Details

A landmark building, the MBA award-winning Merewether Surf House is a prominent feature on the Merewether beachscape.

With the site considered to have significant local heritage value and being registered with the National Trust, it comprises three storeys and is set into the existing embankment, with access created from three separate levels including the road level and the promenade.

Works included completing the demolition of the existing building, construction of the base building works, all terraces and balconies, inclusive of all detailed services, extension and amplification of all services infrastructure, external pavements and landscaping works.

The building had numerous site challenges including that the building was partially embedded into an existing embankment below a road, with all in ground works being built in sand. The project had extremely limited access to a steep site, with the road above and the promenade below needing to remain open for public use for much of the project.

In consultation with the client, North were able to capture the desired look, along with the required level of finish whilst still being able to provide the client with a number of savings during the construction.

North’s own carpentry crew completed the detailed timber work to both the eastern and western facades of the building, with the large beams and posts on the building being sourced and milled from recycled bridge timbers.

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