San Clemente High School

Client: Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for the DoMN

VAlue: $7,500,000

Architect: Austin McFarland Architects

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Project Details

The San Clemente High School project included four stages, all managed within an existing operating school environment.

Stage 1 is the construction of a new multi-purpose hall which incorporated the sports hall, an adjoining 3-storey GLA/ amenities building, foyer and an access lift. An interesting feature of this stage is the timber portal frame for the hall which spans 21 metres long and is one of the largest in the country.

Stage 2 involves the refurbishment of food technology rooms followed by the refurbishment of the existing amenities block (Stage 3).

Stage 4 is the construction of a new access lift to the existing school.

One of the main construction difficulties was the access constraints which were overcome with an agreement with the neighbour to utilise the adjacent property.

Despite extensive delays due to initial latent ground conditions and the additional costs the project incurred, North undertook a successful value engineering exercise to help reduce the total costs of the project by over $200,000 without compromising the overall aesthetics of the building for the client.

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