Newcastle Light Rail Depot and Stops

Client: Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd

VAlue: $18,000,000

Architect: Cox Architects

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Project Details

This iconic and MBA award-winning project involved the construction of the new Depot building for the Newcastle Light Rail system, as well as six stops along the Light Rail track.

The depot building consists of a large workshop for the servicing of the Light Rail Vehicles (LRV), as well as office spaces and Control Centre for the management of the Light Rail System. 10m CFA piles were installed beneath the depot building to provide solid foundations whilst dealing with the high water table.

North also constructed the various stops along the route including the erection of the structural steel canopy and charge bar structure, enabling the Light Rail system to be “wireless” and charge the LRV at each stop.

The Light Rail Stops presented a unique challenge in working amongst operating main roads and required a high level of architectural finish and detailing.

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